Amber Witzke Tape Measure

Who’s this Amber Witzke girl anyway?

I’m a #gridgirl, dog mom, wife, music nerd, & I have the ability to accept anything the universe throws at me as long as it’s not a slow internet connection.

My artwork is powered by the belief that hope and positivity will always win. I believe the visual appeal of art, products, and advertising has power beyond an immediate impression. I try to create things that endure. An everyday object can have a message that reinforces itself over time. So I strive to share messages about what I strongly believe in: girl power, animal rights, and my home: Sacramento. My work has been featured in the Submerge, Sacramento Bee, Sactown, The Huffington Post, & more.

Over the past 14 years of my career I’ve spent my time working with very successful agencies. Today, I’m now a freelance Creative Director. I create award-winning, strategic campaigns for my clients by producing work that engages people emotionally. Through the creative I deliver the brand’s message or purpose to help my clients move the needle. Shining new light on a brand or influencing change to make people feel something & take notice is always my goal.

I also enjoy working with teams. From mentoring younger staff, making memes with my teammates, creating concepts with the writers, to presenting to clients, I share and receive ideas freely & I’ll always push and work as hard as I can to produce the best possible work not only for my team, but for the success of the brand as well. Being positive & adaptive not only with my ideas and designs, but the people around me are what I excel at most as I believe the work only becomes better when you propel each other.

Amber Witzke- Design Week Sac
Amber Witzke on Good Day Sacramento
Amber Witzke Dr Fauci Soap
Amber Witzke Pop-Up at West Elm