A Bit About Me

I am a versatile professional with a multifaceted background as a #gridgirl, devoted animal rescuer, wife, and avid music enthusiast. My ability to navigate life’s challenges is only surpassed by my intolerance for slow internet connections.

THINGS I truly



 My artistic endeavors are fueled by a profound belief in the triumph of hope and positivity. I am convinced that the visual allure of art, products, and advertising carries a transformative power that extends far beyond initial impressions. My creations aspire to endure, imparting messages aligned with my convictions: promoting girl power, advocating for animal rights, and celebrating my hometown, Sacramento. Notably, my work has garnered recognition in esteemed publications such as Submerge, Sacramento Bee, Sactown, The Huffington Post, and more.


With over 15 years of experience, I have traversed a successful career trajectory within prominent agencies. Presently, as a freelance Creative Director, I specialize in crafting award-winning, strategic campaigns that resonate emotionally with audiences. My approach involves delivering a brand’s message or purpose through compelling creative endeavors, propelling my clients forward. Whether illuminating a brand in a new light or instigating change to evoke emotion and capture attention, my overarching goal remains constant.


It is a cornerstone of my professional ethos. Whether mentoring aspiring talent, creating light—hearted memes with teammates, conceptualizing ideas with writers, or presenting to clients, I foster an environment of open exchange. My commitment to pushing boundaries and exerting maximum effort ensures the production of superlative work, benefiting both my team and the success of the brand. Positivity and adaptability, not only in my ideas and designs but also in my interactions with others, stand as my foremost strengths, as I firmly believe that mutual encouragement leads to superior outcomes in our collective endeavors.

Amber Witzke on Good Day Sacramento
Amber Witzke- Design Week Sac
Amber Witzke Pop-Up at West Elm