Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento Giclee

I’m proud to present my latest work, “Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento,” a tribute to the city I cherish and its wonderfully diverse communities. The original mixed media project represents a dynamic fusion of traditional art and cutting-edge technology, creating an interactive, immersive experience that echoes the multi-faceted nature of Sacramento.

In “Vibrant Vistas,” I invite viewers to discover, reflect upon, and engage with the spirit of Sacramento. I utilized bold patterns and colors to bring the mural to life. The reflective layers provide an interactive element, intertwining viewers’ reflections with the city’s landscape—a testament to the interconnectedness of the residents and the city we call home. This interactive surface subtly changes with the ambient lighting and viewer movement, symbolizing Sacramento’s dynamic nature and continuous growth.

This colorful mural is available in a limited edition, 18 x 24 inch canvas giclee. Each are hand spot varnished and will come signed. The art also includes the space to discover and explore. Come, take a journey with me: Reflect, shine and make it your own! #SacVibrantVistas