WFH Meeting Awareness Kit

After many months of #WFH and many awkward moments of exposing my bootie shorts to his co-workers and his kisses during client presentations, I finally designed a sign system to give each other a heads up when we’re trying to be pro at home. If you’re a professional who needs help silently telling your new coworkers (aka partners, roomies and wee children) when they shouldn’t walk in nude & not sing another song about the dogs to a room full of e-board members, download the free PDF and create your own. It’s easy and takes just seconds to save yourself hours of shame and humiliation.


  • Paper (regular or cardstock),
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape or string (optional)


Option One: Desk Tent

Cut along the dotted edge, fold into thirds, and glue the edges together to create a table tent to swivel your status to your partner, pal, or young one’s way.

Option Two: Door Hanger

Cut each square and adhere to a piece of string to hang eachsign individually on your “office” door knob, so they’ll know not to join your conference meeting at the most inopportune time.

Option Three: Cards

Print on heavy card stock and cut each out square out individually. Use them as cards to hold up when your loved one is just about to interrupt that really important thing you don’t want to miss your boss saying.

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