I am proud to present my latest work, “Vibrant Vistas: A Multidimensional Journey Exploring the Treasures of Sacramento,” a tribute to the city I cherish and its wonderfully diverse communities. This mixed media project represents a dynamic fusion of traditional art and cutting-edge technology, creating an interactive, immersive experience that echoes the multi-faceted nature of Sacramento.


I’m powered by the belief that hope & positivity will always win.

I believe the visual appeal of art, products, and advertising has power beyond an immediate impression. I try to create things that endure. An everyday object can have a message that reinforces itself over time. So I strive to share messages about what I strongly believe in: girl power, animal rights, and my home: Sacramento. My work has been featured in the Submerge, Sacramento Bee, Sactown, The Huffington Post, & more.

Amber dancing with the latest Submerge Magazine.

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